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Delphi Economic Forum III: March 1-4, 2018


Delphi Economic Forum is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization working in close cooperation with civil society, public organizations, businesses and individuals. It engages business, political, academic, and other top experts in an effort to address emerging challenges, influence the national and regional agendas and promote sustainable and socially responsible growth policies for Greece, Europe and the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

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The world is experiencing change at a speed and intensity that is unprecedented. Countries, institutions and policy makers across the globe find themselves constantly challenged by the consequences of these changes. Comprehending and responding to this ongoing and dynamic process requires careful pacing of reforms and policy consistency.

Delphi Economic Forum is a member driven organization, committed to deliver and promote innovative ideas for sustainable and competitive growth for Greece and the wider region.

Our mission is to monitor and improve the performance of the organization and ensure that it brings value to its members through its annual meetings, policy papers and knowledge platforms. The Foundation Board decides on strategy issues, is responsible for the dissemination of the results, appointing new members and managing its activities and budgets.

Foundation Board

Symeon G. Tsomokos

Founder and Chairman of the Delphi Economic Forum

Panayiotis Bernitsas

Managing Partner, Bernitsas Law Firm

John D. Saracakis

President, Saracakis Group of Companies

Yiannis Thomatos

Research Fellow, University of Athens

Stella Tsomokou

Vice-President, SGT SA

Yiannis Tricardos

President, Tricardos SA

Lila Vogli

Communications Consultant